President's Corner — Owen Wallace

Spring is coming, I promise!!! After a cold, snowy winter so far we may need to be reminded that spring is right around the corner. Sometimes it seems we get all four seasons in a single day. The “new” seasons in the south are now pollen season, beach season, football season, and when we get a blast of cold—fireplace season!


Our Clemson fans preferred that football season would have lasted a little longer this time, but we are always hopeful for next season. Unless you are an Alabama fan, you did not have to spend any extra money on new championship shirts and bumper stickers! As a result, there should be more disposable income to attend to the SCSA convention this beach season.


That being said I expect attendance to be up! We are trying a new venue, the oceanfront Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, and we are going to a Sunday thru Wednesday time frame (July 29–August 1).


I encourage each of you to come this year and bring some new faces with you. Our association needs to grow and I am asking that we expand our horizons and bring in some people from different backgrounds and professions that can add a boost to our convention. Plan on reconnecting with friends and making new personal and business relationships that can benefit everyone in attendance and strengthen our association.


Natalie and I look forward to seeing you and your family on HHI in July!








Owen Wallace

—SCSA President