Our Association


Membership in the S.C. Seedsmen's Association is open to all individuals, firms, or corporations involved in the seed and/or lawn and garden industry.  Individuals involved in related, support industries, and governmental/educational institutions and allied organizations/industries are also eligible for membership.  To join, download our application form and submit for membership today. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest member soon!



Persons or firms, such as retailers, distributors, wholesalers, conditioners, who derive a portion of their income from the seed/lawn and garden industry are headquartered in South Carolina are eligible for active membership.  In addition, out-of-state firms, such as described above, which have representatives residing within the state are also eligible.



Persons or firms which by the nature of their work come into regular contact with the South Carolina seed industry, but are not qualified for active membership are eligible for associate memberships.